Rosellas – Slowdance

Rosellas are a five-piece hailing from Manchester and really incorporate the vibes of the city with their slow and easy-going EP. They also wear their influences on their sleeves.  

Their five-track EP ‘Slowdance’ is reminiscent of the artists of the ’90s and capture the classic Britpop sound. Their opening self-titled number is the more electrified and guitar-driven than in comparison to the rest of the tracks and features leads that remind me of Stockport’s Blossoms. 

The track has a dream-pop vibe and the lead riff that dances along with the vocals over the rhythms is the centre point of the song. 

As we progress with the EP, track two ‘Premonition’ is one of the most Definitely Maybe-esc tracks I’ve ever heard from the rise of new Britpop bands. It’s a slick acoustic tune with a dainty lead over the top and warm vocals. If you like simplicity in Oasis acoustic moments I’m sure you’ll enjoy this. The harmonica at the end is a nice touch which I would like to see being used in other tracks.  

‘Lonesome Love Affair’ continues the laid-back vibe (which is the basic premise of this EP from Rosellas), but acoustics are swapped out for cute electric guitars and slow drumming in the background. It’s sugar sweet. 

As we reach track four, ‘Twenty One’ I feel underwhelmed as if I’m getting the same track. The guitars might be a bit louder and fuller, but the slow tempo may have gone on too long for me. Not even the delightful tones can save me and it’s another track that makes me think of Manchester bands that dominated the 90’s. It has me thinking is this resurgence all it’s cracked up to be? I’d have to say it definitely clicks with people who grew up or discovered Britpop and I can understand the appeal, but I’m struggling to be sold on it.  

The conclusion to the EP, ‘Before Your Eyes’ sounds like that weird period in Arctic Monkey’s career when they were writing gloomy songs on Humbug. It’s certainly one of the more interesting tracks on the EP with the vocals being a highlight for me as they seem to fly around my head so effortlessly. The guitar work is better and much more delightful to listen to and the light tones are calming.  

Credit is due when you learn that the EP is basically self-produced and I can just imagine how big it would sound from an official production company.  

I think if you’re a fan of the music that Rosellas are trying to recapture and want to see it continue, I think you’ll be a fan of their work. For me, I felt like in the middle of the EP I couldn’t take much away even if the idea is that this is some of their more stripped-back work. The ambition is there and no doubt the talent, but after the catchy opener, I struggled to really get into the groove.