The Sharrow – To The Treehouse

Female-fronted quintet The Sharrow hail from Sheffield. Bringing a fist full of power to the table alongside an uplifting energy, they blend a mix of metal with rock. Melodic and wonderfully crafted, the new EP “To The Treehouse” holds a fierce attitude throughout the playback.

“Behold, All or Nothing” is exactly you need for an entrance. It has a “this is us, we’re not going to change for anyone” type of attitude which is straight to the point and encouraging. Drawing influence from what sounds like Hailstorm and Shinedown, the song’s arrangement makes the song that little bit more exciting. What an introduction! “Everything To Play For” features an enduring guitar tone that will make you drool from it’s grit. Identifiable vocals are prominent and consist of a lush reverb that’s coated in a thin layer of distortion. Unique and fits perfectly on the EP. Loving how the song’s in different sections and compliments each part with genuine energy. 

“If Looks Could Kill” may be the weakness of the EP. It doesn’t hold my attention as much as the other tracks and lacks that little bit of charisma. It felt a bit predictable and didn’t get adventurous at all. That’s a personal preference nevertheless and if you’re into an empowering message, I’m sure you’ll love this song. “Bring Your Best” certainly brings the best of the band to a close. There’s layers of instrumentation coated with a thick ambience. As a whole, it’s dense and a huge production. We had a powerful introduction and an even powerful wave goodbye. This is the first release of The Sharrow’s that I’ve heard and it certainly won’t be the last for me.