The Shed Project – Lucky Number

Formed in Bolton as a trio, The Shed Project has grown into a fierce quintet showcasing that indie rock is continuously evolving. Using, what feels like, a vintage structure to their music, the outfit do everything from writing demos, mixing and mastering in rhythm guitarist John’s shed.

Hence the name of the band, The Shed Project may be behind closed doors at the moment with the pandemic, but they’re currently in rehearsals for live shows once they return. With their eyes on a fourth single, their third release Lucky Number’ serenades listeners with its comforting nature.

A glistening arrangement shielded with the help of infectious guitar hooks, soaring indie vocals and soft drums, ‘Lucky Number’ isn’t a track, it’s a statement that draws you in further into the world of The Shed Project. Entwining through laces of the nostalgic eras that have left us behind, The Shed Project are expressing that no matter where you come from, always stay true to your art.

It’s passionate and holds the 90s era in the palm of its hand. Handmade in what’s set to be an iconic shed within the next few years, the new single compliments a band with charisma and factors of belief. ‘Lucky Number’ will be right up your street if you’re into The Stone Roses, Shed 7, Happy Mondays and The La’s. One thing to work on? Keep releasing the anthems, we want more!