The Sheffield Beatles Project play The White Album in full at Sheffield’s O2 Academy in December

Last year a new project emerged in Sheffield called The Sheffield Beatles project. They performed the whole St Pepper album at a sold out 02 Academy. But how did this project come to be you may add?

“It was hard to believe as we heard the almighty cheer of the audience at both of our shows last year that this project had started as an idle breakfast chat between a couple of friends less than two years earlier.


We knew that we loved the Beatles, and we knew that this would be fun, but we never imagined just how exciting a project this would turn into. It’s pretty rare for a group of 30 people to all agree on something, but we were all sure: in all our careers, this has been the most fun we’ve had playing music.

So of course we want to keep it going. And yes, we’re going to do the record that every single one of you seems to have asked for – The White Album!” A spokesperson for the Project.

“It’s a beast of an album to get into, so we’re going to start off learning highlights, and you’ll be able to see those at The Folk Forest in Sheffield this summer. Hopefully that’ll whet your appetite for more, as you’ll be able to hear the whole thing back at the o2 Academy in December.

We’ll be bringing back the full 30 piece band and can’t wait to share it with you, our incredible audience to whom we are so grateful. You made our year in 2017, we can’t wait to do it all over again!” A spokesperson for the group.

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