The Sundowns – Hold On

With their first foray into the industry with double release ‘Hold On’ and ‘Staring At It Won’t Make It Go Away’, The Sundowns bring bundles of energy and enthusiasm to make up for their current lack of identity as a band. The Sheffield lads need more time to move out of the shadow of the hometown bands that have influenced them.

Hold On’ is a solid opener, with the driving beat its standout feature. The drums are actually the best component over both of the tracks, with the guitars maybe a bit oversimplified in an attempt to channel all that raw energy. Lyrically they’ll get better through trial and error too; there are a couple of turns of phrase that don’t quite make sense. But hey, that didn’t stop the Gallagher’s.

Staring At It Won’t Make It Go Away’ is a relentless sub-two minute onslaught, with the entire band really putting a shift in. You can run a small car off of this kind of track. However, as mentioned earlier, it reeks of the band’s influences. That influence is a certain Sheffield-Band-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named; so if I just say this track sounds very similar to ‘Stickin’ To The Floor’, we’ll leave it at that.

The Sundowns are clearly up for taking their chance, and their application can’t be faulted. Things move quickly in music, so with a few more months of honing their craft we could see this band come out with some pretty special stuff.