The Velvet Hands ​: This Feeling

The Velvet HandsThis Feeling” opens thick, layered and punchy – a clean, polished and produced lad-rock indie sound.

Their bio stipulates “Garage rock” which brings to mind lo-fi, distorted home recordings – but that’s certainly not what we hear on “This Feeling”. On listening to their album “Party’s Over” Garage Rock is clearly the root of The Velvet Hands. Their new single “This Feeling” feels like an early departure from a sound that suited the band well.

Although clearly a well rounded, sing-a-long indie song I’d like to hear this produced in a way that builds on their history and retains the rough edges and endearing character of their previous release. The Velvet Hands touch on a few old-fashioned song cliches and rhyming couplets here: “My heart skipped a beat” – “Got used to sleeping alone/Now you’re always on your phone” which jar a little under high production, but with a rougher approach this kind of songwriting could be played against and really work.

Punk in a slicker, fashion-friendly form is currently facing a mainstream resurgence – with bands like Fontaines DC and Idles at the helm. A Garage Rock sound truer to the form definitely deserves a place in this circle, and under the power of their Huw Stephens accreditation I’d like to see The Velvet Hands try to take up the mantle.