Three Day Monk – I Wish You Were Dead

Dipping deep into a melancholic and psychedelic hole, Three Day Monk, offer up a disturbing and emotional track that pushes the envelope beyond any traditional music genre. 

Filled with classic orchestral instruments, such as a cello, violin, viola, and piano. I Wish You Were Dead is an insane fusion of classical and psych rock, that explores a dark subject matter with a pitch black gothic outlook on the relationship between two people. As is inferred from the title, there’s no happy go lucky mood on display, instead oozing with disturbing energy. This is only heightened by the use of dramatic and severe switches between a heavy bass taking the lead, to a delicate orchestral arrangement. 

It’s within these transitions though that Three Day Monk grip the listener tightly, never letting on as to how the music is going to shift from this deep rock oriented bass to that classical feel. As the song starts, one could be fooled by its piano intro that it’s going to be a delicate performance by guest vocalist Flora Stewart. Instead, there is the shift into something else, morphing into brooding mood piece that the song is based around.

It’s strange, experimental, and most of all unique. But that is also where I Wish You Were Dead holds its greatest strength, in that uniqueness. There’s really nothing else that’s quite comparable to it out there. Given that more and more music is shifting towards genre blending, the fusion of blues, classical, psychedelic rock, and more is quite an unusual take. 

The classical elements in particular are a breath of fresh air, with symphonic metal being the only genre that has wholeheartedly embraced the idea of orchestral backing. So seeing something that’s much more akin to blues and alt rock come along and utilise that style is a real wake up call as to how the genre can be utilised in more ways. 

Three Day Monk’s previous release Aight to be White