Christian Carlisle

Too old to mosh? An Editorial from Christian Carlisle

Hello, it’s been a while, and for good reason. I have two kids. I’m a stay at home dad, my wife is a student nurse and as a result I have to raise said kids and also make a fuck ton of money. It’s demanding. But not so demanding that I can’t occasionally let my hair down. I did so earlier this year for my 32nd birthday (fuck I’m old) when I attended the While She Sleeps album launch at The Plug.

It was an incredible night, support came from another favourite band of mine ‘Fizzy Blood’ and WSS were joined on stage by none other than Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes to scream out his part in the spectacular track ‘Silence Speaks’. Sleeps entire set was a masterpiece of hardcore punk that had me bouncing off the walls/other sweaty bastards around me in the moshpit. It was a barrier free show in which frontman Loz actively encouraged people to get onto the stage and throw themselves headlong into the crowd for some anarchic (and yet organised and planned for) crowd surfing. I obliged.

Surrounded by people who were no doubt feeding off the same energy as me but in some cases half my age I asked myself; “Am I too old to mosh?”. The question lingered with me for some time, possibly in part to an ongoing existential dilemma regarding my age since hitting the ‘big three oh’, possibly due in part to being a “responsible” parent, possibly due to a million other factors swirling around my mind, each one too nuanced to be able to actually express. What the fuck was this? A full blown mid life crisis mid mosh pit? Christ, what a place to have it.

After much contemplation the reality was far more digestible than initially worried about. Yes, I can’t quite fling myself into the most dangerous of pits with gay abandon and stay there for hours on end like I used to, but taking a step back from it I can’t do that with ANY situation these days. 17? No responsibilities? Want to do a clinical drugs test for X amount of cash? Sign me the fuck up! Same scenario at 32 with kids and a wife? No way Jose.

Here I was worried that my tendency to spend less time in the pit was a tragic reminder that I can’t hack it anymore, it was in fact a reminder that I’m maturing and yet still enjoying the same music I did when I was immature. Stay young, at least in part, and always remember to pick up the fallen.

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