Podcasts are rapidly becoming one of the nations favourite media. To have a dedicated radio show that doesn’t have the same regulations as broadcast radio has allowed for a free audio world a treat.
It must be a similar sensation for those who came across pirate radio stations as a teenager, passing on the information by word of mouth to create this mini-community of like-minded listeners.
A podcast is a place where comedians can create their own content for relatively cheap production costs and be able to send their craft to their fans in just a click of a button.
This is a world with no bounds and successful podcasts based around the beef and dairy industry, 90’s football or serial killers can all succeed.

My top five of 2019.

Two Vegan Idiots

From the ashes of Carl Donnelly and Chris Martin podcast comes Two Vegan Idiots. Though don’t judge this podcast by its name, this is a podcast that just coincidentally has two vegan comedians: Carl Donnelly and Julian Deane who host a different comedian each week with a very open chat about anything and everything in Carl’s kitchen.

Best episode: Either Seann Walsh interviews.

Films To Be Buried With

Comedian, actor and writer Brett Goldstein interviews stars of the screen and stage about their previous life’s various film choices: which film means the most to them, sexiest film and of course, which film they will take with them to heaven as every guest on the film has just died.

Best episode: Jordan Brookes.

Jokes With Mark Simmons

One liner specialist Mark Simmons invites a fellow comedian to try and work on their jokes that have yet to work. A fascinating insight into joke writing with plenty of laughs along the way.

Best episode: Gary Delaney

Quicky Kevin Will He Score?

Taken from the famous commentary line straight before David Batty’s famous missed penalty against Argentina, Quickly Kevin… is hosted by 90’s football aficionados Josh Widdicombe, Chris Scull and Michael Marsden. Each episode sees them visit a special moment of 90’s football with many of the big players from the era as well as fellow comedians.

Best episode: Tom Davis about West Ham.

Nick Helm and Nathaniel Metcalf’s Fan Club

Recorded for Fubar radio, the Edinburgh Fringe favourites Nick and Nat chat to guests about what they are currently fans of this week. It’s usually about films (especially John Carpenter) and their insights are bloody hilarious.

Best episode: John Robins

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Merry Xmas 🎄🎄