Trampled Daisy – Acid Mind Drainage

With a new EP ‘Acid Mind Drainage’ set to be released at the end of November, Edinburgh-based band Trampled Daisy have teased an interesting track that suggests that what will follow will be equally as atmospheric, and hopefully more ambitious.

It’s a track that wouldn’t feel overly out of place in a Josh-Homme desert rock jam, sludgy, groovy and somewhat sinister, even if it starts off a bit sluggish.

The song has a presence that keeps you guessing, and soon sweeps aside any early impressions of rigidness under the carpet, with the song growing more and more impressive as it goes along. The bass and drums take the foot off the accelerator as singer Ellen sweats over sitting, itching and teeth clenching, but this is a song less about the lyrics and more about the mood, with the vocals progressively drowned out by the bluesy guitar.

As ‘Hypochondriac’ edges towards the finish line, it’s hard not to want more from such an engaging track. It starts off a slow burner but drives harder to hint at something heavier from the band. After all, who doesn’t love a reyt good headbang?