Video Premiere : The Calls – Fall Inside

Fall Inside’ is a new single release from ‘The Calls‘ – their namesake (I’m assuming) being the area in their hometown of Leeds. I have always wanted to push over the spherical steel ball which is mounted to a fountain down there – watching it destroy restaurant windows, giggling as it plops into the canal like a beautiful silver egg.

Anyway – Fall Inside opens with a bassline reminiscent of Rowland S Howard’s severely underrated Pop Crimes – but swiftly departs into a familiar, busy, colourful mix of chorus, reverb and wah. Nods to Inspiral Carpets, Stone Roses, The Smiths. Northern staples. If that’s something you like, then you’ll like this.

Modulation heavy guitar work is reminiscent of those occasions when Johnny Marr sprinkles some magic over a more modern sounding band – the atmosphere resembling something not dissimilar to 2009’s Ignore The Ignorant or that particularly exciting Modest Mouse period. Vocals are suitably slurry and coolly disinterested, with melodies akin to the aforementioned Cribs – adding a northern drawl and offsetting the shoegaze and psychedelia. 

Fall Inside peters out with satisfying analogue crunches. A nice finishing touch to faultless production from this studio. Let’s see what’s next shall we?

The Calls’ new track is released alongside a video produced by their film-making lead guitarist Will Johnson. If you will – for a minute – imagine taking 2C-B, and then smashing a lava lamp on a beach. It’s a bit like that. Their bio notes that their bassist is a ‘hippy lifeguard’, so he’s probably doing that right now.

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14th March – Royal Park Cellars, Leeds

2nd April – Monteys, Harrogate

10th April – Off The Square, Manchester