Viral Strain – Four Walls EP

Four Walls is the latest EP from Viral Strain, a Manchester based four piece metal band, who are definitely one of the up and coming artists to watch out for.

This EP has a lot of things going for it but unfortunately the sound quality isn’t one of them. The drums are weak, the guitars are thin and the vocals are drowned out, which is a shame because the lead vocalist sounds a lot like Bruce Dickinson and that sure ain’t no bad thing. 

I am not saying it is unlistenable, but it detracts from what could be fabulous group of tracks. The first track, Four Walls, introduces this high energy rock fest and the second track ‘Into the cold’ is superb, it has real emotional architecture and is the best track of the EP. 

I could not help but think that this EP is not a massive departure in style from their debut EP ‘It’s Alright’ released in December 2017, and whilst I would hope future releases show us a bit more band development, they are moving in the right direction. 

There is no getting away from the fact that these guys can play, and the guitar solos are uplifting and inspired. I challenge anyone to keep their head still whilst this group play, but they are let down by questionable production choices which keep them off my permanent playlist, but they have made my ‘Bands to follow’ list for the track ‘Into the cold’ alone.