Vuromantics : Back to You

The best compliment you could give to the Vuromantics’ sound is that you can’t quite put a label on it. It’s not hard to identify separate influences heard in their work, but it’s much more difficult to see how they all come together. Their latest single “Back to You”, is a perfect example of this.

The song switches from a calm, piano-led waltz to a driving, pulsing power-ballad rhythm. The slap-bass brings to mind funk sounds of 70s soul groups, while the wah-wah effects on the guitar recall the best of Stone Roses’ John Squire’s work.

None of these elements should work together, but somehow they do. It’s clear that the band have worked hard to hone and craft their dramatic, distinct sound. There’s a tight synchronisation in the rhythm section. Drummer Daniel Battye provides a steady bedrock for bassist Callum Hall to add his groovy flourishes.

Guitarist Jake Christie adds texture to the track with his warbling sounds and effects, adding interesting detours to a song that could’ve been repetitive with its simple two-note beat. And singer Sam Christie provides a lovely touch of melodrama with his OTT vocals, rounding out “Back to You” as a delightfully oddball take on 80s synth-pop.