Walking On Mountains – In Your Eyes

Walking On Mountains kick 2020 off with a bang with new single ‘In Your Eyes’, an albeit tentative but well-executed step into the weird and wonderful, ever-evolving sub-genre of ‘Alt Metal’. With immediate parallels to early Arcane Roots beginning to take shape, circa ‘Blood & Chemistry’, their EP release in February looks likely to be a very hotly anticipated release indeed. 

I’m not going to fly into this review, however, with only glowing praise (don’t worry there’s still plenty of that), but from my perspective ‘In Your Eyes’ is by no means the most polished and fully developed concept I’ve heard in the past 12 months. Are there avenues in which Walking On Mountains could explore further and develop on? Yeah, of course, there are. If I’d been presented with this fully-fledged, perfectly poised and developed monster of a track, of course, I’d have been over the moon, but I’d have been damn sceptical as well! 

Vocally is where this track perhaps shines most, and it’s here, where WOM encourage the vocals to be as instrumental as possible, by which I mean they are as important a part in the sonic jigsaw as anything else on this release. They are well thought out, developed, and inherent to the soaring atmosphere encapsulated in the song, ably supported but a crescendo of whirling guitars in each and every chorus – it may be just me but We Are The Ocean’s 2015 album ‘Ark’ comes to mind. 

So, are Walking On Mountains worth lending an ear to? 100%. The finished product may still have room to develop further, but for me, this is exactly where I wanted to hear this band right now. They’ve got the chops to push on, experiment, and really cement themselves into whichever niche they choose, and with an EP on the way, I’m looking forward to having more Walking On Mountains drop into my inbox in this new decade.