Wanderlust – Just The Same

Manchester-based Wanderlust serve up an interesting cocktail of sounds from both the UK and the continent on their latest single ‘Just The Same’. It’s a glittery indie-pop number with plenty of lush elements, but is nicely balanced with a pretty relatable and humble storyline.

Wanderlust’s lead singer hails from Greece, and she brings both a singing style and set of musical ideas that add a welcome new flavour to this brand of synth-heavy indie-pop that we’ve seen soar in popularity in the best part of this decade. 

As a result, ‘Just The Same’ takes influence from what we’re used to in the UK in this genre, mainly in its guitar tones; whilst also adding in synth effects and song structure that has more of a European grounding. 

‘Just The Same’ possesses some really strong, catchy and clever lyrics, and has this ease of flow between its component parts that make it very enjoyable to bop along to.

The one little missed opportunity in the track is that the choruses could be taken up a notch in terms of volume to really hammer home to emotion of the lyrics, as after the way the bridge builds up the noise you’re left expecting more.

Having said that though, Wanderlust craft a professional and intriguing sound on ‘Just The Same’. It’s feel-good, memorable and ideal for the sunshine we’re starting to get more of.