Warm Salmon – King of My Own House

Formed at the University of Sheffield by three friends, Warm Salmon describe their music as ‘perfect for Sunday strolls’. I couldn’t say it better myself to be honest.

Easy listening filled with great charisma. Here with an astonishing debut single, it features a folk structure with a glittering indie atmosphere. There really is a glistening feel to “King of My Own House” and it captured me in straight away with it’s bright mix and glowing warmth. It’s soft, gentle nature can be pictured in a hit feel good film where a couple are confessing their love to one another.

It would also work well in British shows such as golden programmes Gavin & Stacey and The Royle Family as it really has a cheerful aura. In other words, instrumentally it’s cheesy but acceptable. It’s careless nature isn’t all that it seems though. It holds a hidden message. Showcasing that there is always someone there to help when you’re struggling with not only mental health but any issues.

A comfort in the darkness, it’s warming and delightful to listen too. Warm Salmon holds a positive message in the track which hopefully will stick with them throughout their bright future too. As a first release from the trio, it’s vibrant and will draw you in from it’s happiness. It’s innocent but slightly insecure and holds your attention. A strong debut single, and what seems like a strong future for the band too. You’ve heard it hear first, Warm Salmon are going places…